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Different boho chic styles that you can sport

In the past years, Bohemian fashion has gained so much popularity that it is now no longer confined to particular groups. Big fashion houses have started to take attention and started to bring out more glamorous pieces with eccentric twists. They are also being increasingly adopted by celebrities and socialites. The style has suddenly taken a huge splurge and has almost become the fashion mandate for most college students.

The Boho Chic as it means is someone who is very good with outlandish style and should be able to effortlessly carry out the fashion. The key to this is being able to look laid back without being messy. Since there are many layers and jewelry involved, this can be a little challenging. However, by choosing the right accessories and hairstyles, you will easily be able to master bohemian fashion.  The entire theme of this fashion is to break away from the pre-existing code, the dogmas, so you do not have to worry about going off key. You can just let out your creativity and express your own identity through this unconventional form of fashion. Listed below are the different types of boho chic styles that you can sport.

  1. Peasant girl boho chic





















This is the most delicate form of bohemian style. It comprises of very feminine and dainty getups themed on soft and relaxing colors. This type of get-up may not be applicable for everyday wear. However, it is great for festivals and holidays, especially during the summer. The peasant girl style includes long flowing skirts made of light materials, accessorized with flower crowns, headbands or hair clips. You can also wear clothes made out of lace, embroidered peasant tops, floral patterns to nail this look. Gladiator flats and embellished flats look the best with this style. As for your hair, you can leave it loose. However, it should not look too messy. The entire purpose of the style is to look fun and effortless.

  1. Rugged boho chic





















Rugged boho chic is not as refined as the peasant girl style, instead this style would include wearing well worn, rugged jeans and shorts with bright colored tops and cowboy boots.  You can accessorize the look with colorful, printed scarves and chunky bangles/bracelets. You can also match free flowing dresses with well-worn denim shrugs or jackets to create the same look.

  1. Luxe Boho-Chic

This form of bohemian style is for those women who generally prefer keeping up with the classier and high maintenance fashion. Luxe boho style includes all the modern elements of fashion including heels, sparkly jewelry, and designer wear. You can wear long maxi dresses and loose pants. The style should, however, look chic and very neat.

  1. Hippie boho chic

The hippie boho chic is entirely influenced by the hippie culture of the 1970s, which  has a deep inclination towards music and art. This look mainly comprises the use of wide legged pants and long skirts, paired together with wide-brimmed hats and a lot of fringes. The hippie boho chic is a cheerful and lively dressing style.