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DSquared2: Dean & Dan’s Summer ’17 Collection

Twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten are the designers behind this cult line of men’s and women’s clothing. These brothers (Canadian natives) moved to Milan in 1991 to pursue their love of fashion and attempt to create their first fashion line. In 1994 their menswear debut got people talking. In 2003 their first successful and long awaited womens wear line was launched with rave reviews.

DSquared2 has since produced collection after collection of clothing “for real people” as they claim. They are a household name amongst Hollywood’s most elite and have achieved “cult” status. Dean and Dan reach their clientele by creating looks that can be worn by everyone, they are esepcially know for there bohemian attire style. Their unique blending of a variety of luxurious fabrics are put together in an effortless, wearable style, that is easily achieved.

Their Summer 2017 collection spawned numerous “vibes” sure to please any style. White, denim, navy and red seemed to be the color pallet of this season’s collection and scream Americana! I was quite surprised to see the non-uniformity of the pieces in this collection. There was an overwhelmingly playful sportiness with some of the pieces, and then an instant transformation to what would appear to be a “Weekend at the “Hampton’s” sort of vibe. From there the next look cried out “downtown urban chic.” There really was something for everyone with this collection.

The “Weekend at the Hamptons” interpretation as I like to call it, consisted of pieces in rich cotton and denim. Wide-leg high waisted trousers and shorts were paired with button up oxfords or military jackets. Lots of striking hardware and buttons were the focus of the top pieces lending a classic vibe, while the bottoms scream ease of movement and casual, creating an amazing balance.

The “playful sportiness” as I like to call it created a “tough-girl” image, but done with bright vivid colors to keep the look playful. Punches of kelly green and magenta were added to the red, navy, denim and white mix. Beautiful silk charmeuse fabrics created a “highschool letterman’s jacket” appeal and kept the looks playful, while edgy at the same time.

The “downtown urban chic” ensembles are my favorite. They were put together in an effortless fashion and consisted of wide-brim hats with simple slim jeans, loafer flats, a leather/chain belt and again, detail on the tops with multiple rows of buttons and puffy sleeves. There were tons of leather and denim jacket combos paired with shorts and heels!

The menswear collection had me all hot! Basic loose-fitting worn jeans were paired with blazers and even bowties creating an appeal that asked the question, “Hello, am I your waiter, or your future husband?”

Dean and Dan’s success with each new collection grows more and more. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Lenny Kravitz, Eve and Madonna have already been entranced by their collections. It’s easy to see why. These men have a natural ease of style about them, which translates effortlessly to their collections.
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