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Using a Pasta Extruder to Make Tasty Pasta at Home

Spaghetti carbonara is an Italian dish typical of Rome. This dish is very popular in Italy and around the world because it is very good and at the same time it is very easy to prepare. This dish contains a lot of calories, especially for the high fat content. The ingredient responsible for this is bacon and egg yolk but is absolutely impossible to resist the deliciousness of spaghetti carbonara.

For its simplicity of preparation and his specialty, this dish is “mother” of Italian cooking, easy to prepare for those who have little time to cook and wants to still eat well.

The preparation of spaghetti alla carbonara requires very little time and in 10 minutes (just long enough to set up the table), the dish is ready. You can cook with any type of pasta, but certainly the most indicated are spaghetti. In Rome’s tavern you can find rigatoni and other types of homemade pasta with carbonara recipe. Using homemade pasta is even more enhanced the flavor of the egg and are thus increase the nutritional properties (information from WannaPasta).

The original recipe for this dish has had many changes over the years but is still considered a rustic dish. Being a typical dish of Italian culture, this recipe has its roots in the Mediterranean tradition, and his invention goes back to the times of Ippolito Cavalcanti, a Neapolitan nobleman who published the recipe in one of his books but this proof has never been possible to verify.

Today, the spaghetti carbonara recipe has changed slightly from the original, the pillow and the sheep cheese are very often replaced with bacon and Parmesan.  The pillow is not widely used because it is quite rare to find in regular supermarkets, and the simple fact that the recipe comes from a tradition fundamentally poor, even without using a pillow (much more expensive) you can get equally tasty dishes.

The same goes for the cheese, hardly available outside Rome.

In this article I will speak of international recipes, and ingredients available anywhere in the world to make it as easy as possible to prepare the carbonara recipe at home.

The ingredients for spaghetti carbonara are:

  • Parmigiano-Reggiano or Grana Padano

pasta extruder


The preparation of carbonara recipe is very simple and affordable for even beginners who have the best electric pasta maker at home. The first thing to do is put on to boil ’s salt water in a pot of medium size, once the water boils you throw spaghetti. Meanwhile cut the bacon into cubes and starts to cook in a skillet. Then beat the eggs in a bowl with the Parmesan and pepper. When the noodles are cooked must be paid in the pan containing the bacon, add the eggs and mix everything prepared beforehand.

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