Choosing a Tree Stand

Tree stands are a great way for hunters to use elevation and cover in increase their hunting success. However, for first-timer buyers choosing the best tree stand can be a difficult decision. The following article will outline how to purchase a tree stand, as well as provide two examples of great tree stands on the market.

The biggest advantage of using a tree stand is that it gives you a view of your hunting grounds free of trees and brush that would otherwise obstruct your view when hunting on the ground. Additionally, there are multiple accessories that can be purchased to further increase the utility of tree stands including seat pads and bow holders. Take a look at the list below for some other accessory options:

Tree Stand Accessories

  • Seat pads
  • Bow holders
  • Camouflage
  • Umbrellas
  • Stand covers
  • Blinds

The Summit Goliath SD Treestand is available from Amazon
for $284

The Summit Goliath SD Treestand is a wide-top climbing tree stand that features sound deadening (SD) technology, a 4-point safety harness and Rapid Climb Stirrups. It is priced at $275 at and comes with plenty of upsides to make it a top choice for crossbow hunters looking for the ideal tree stand. One of these upsides is the aforementioned sound deadening technology, which minimizes the noises caused by movement by utilizing expanding foam in the build of the product. This is ideal for any type of hunter, but especially those that hunt smaller, faster prey and prefer to hunt in stealth conditions. Another great feature is the thick padding on the seat and armrests, making this a comfortable choice as well as a quiet one. The only downside is the installation, which can be a bit tricky due to the unclear instructions. However, aside from this minor gripe this is a great tree stand product that is well worth the price.

Another great option is the Guide Gear 17 1/2′ Deluxe 2 – man Ladder Tree Stand, which is priced at $120 and features a fold-down shooting rail, a mesh platform with plenty of space and a powder-coated finish. Given the cheap price, this product is surprisingly sturdy; it can easily survive any kind of weather without much wear and tear. Another upside of this product is the assembly, which is very quick and easy. The only downsides of this tree stand are the short ratchet straps and vague instruction manual, although this is not a huge issue given the aforementioned easy installation process.

Using tree stands for your crossbow hunting is a great way to scope out your hunting grounds for prey and get in touch with the geography of your surroundings. The above products are guaranteed to give you comfort and reliability, so if you are considering purchasing a tree stand you can’t go wrong with the Summit Goliath SD Treestand or the Guide Gear Deluxe 16′ 2 – man Ladder Tree Stand.

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