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DSquared2: Dean & Dan’s Summer ’17 Collection

Twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten are the designers behind this cult line of men’s and women’s clothing. These brothers (Canadian natives) moved to Milan in 1991 to pursue their love of fashion and attempt to create their first fashion line. In 1994 their menswear debut got people talking. In 2003 their first successful and long awaited womens wear line was launched with rave reviews.

DSquared2 has since produced collection after collection of clothing “for real people” as they claim. They are a household name amongst Hollywood’s most elite and have achieved “cult” status. Dean and Dan reach their clientele by creating looks that can be worn by everyone, they are esepcially know for there bohemian attire style. Their unique blending of a variety of luxurious fabrics are put together in an effortless, wearable style, that is easily achieved.

Their Summer 2017 collection spawned numerous “vibes” sure to please any style. White, denim, navy and red seemed to be the color pallet of this season’s collection and scream Americana! I was quite surprised to see the non-uniformity of the pieces in this collection. There was an overwhelmingly playful sportiness with some of the pieces, and then an instant transformation to what would appear to be a “Weekend at the “Hampton’s” sort of vibe. From there the next look cried out “downtown urban chic.” There really was something for everyone with this collection.

The “Weekend at the Hamptons” interpretation as I like to call it, consisted of pieces in rich cotton and denim. Wide-leg high waisted trousers and shorts were paired with button up oxfords or military jackets. Lots of striking hardware and buttons were the focus of the top pieces lending a classic vibe, while the bottoms scream ease of movement and casual, creating an amazing balance.

The “playful sportiness” as I like to call it created a “tough-girl” image, but done with bright vivid colors to keep the look playful. Punches of kelly green and magenta were added to the red, navy, denim and white mix. Beautiful silk charmeuse fabrics created a “highschool letterman’s jacket” appeal and kept the looks playful, while edgy at the same time.

The “downtown urban chic” ensembles are my favorite. They were put together in an effortless fashion and consisted of wide-brim hats with simple slim jeans, loafer flats, a leather/chain belt and again, detail on the tops with multiple rows of buttons and puffy sleeves. There were tons of leather and denim jacket combos paired with shorts and heels!

The menswear collection had me all hot! Basic loose-fitting worn jeans were paired with blazers and even bowties creating an appeal that asked the question, “Hello, am I your waiter, or your future husband?”

Dean and Dan’s success with each new collection grows more and more. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Lenny Kravitz, Eve and Madonna have already been entranced by their collections. It’s easy to see why. These men have a natural ease of style about them, which translates effortlessly to their collections.
For more collections and styles you can go to their website:

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Different boho chic styles that you can sport

In the past years, Bohemian fashion has gained so much popularity that it is now no longer confined to particular groups. Big fashion houses have started to take attention and started to bring out more glamorous pieces with eccentric twists. They are also being increasingly adopted by celebrities and socialites. The style has suddenly taken a huge splurge and has almost become the fashion mandate for most college students.

The Boho Chic as it means is someone who is very good with outlandish style and should be able to effortlessly carry out the fashion. The key to this is being able to look laid back without being messy. Since there are many layers and jewelry involved, this can be a little challenging. However, by choosing the right accessories and hairstyles, you will easily be able to master bohemian fashion.  The entire theme of this fashion is to break away from the pre-existing code, the dogmas, so you do not have to worry about going off key. You can just let out your creativity and express your own identity through this unconventional form of fashion. Listed below are the different types of boho chic styles that you can sport.

  1. Peasant girl boho chic





















This is the most delicate form of bohemian style. It comprises of very feminine and dainty getups themed on soft and relaxing colors. This type of get-up may not be applicable for everyday wear. However, it is great for festivals and holidays, especially during the summer. The peasant girl style includes long flowing skirts made of light materials, accessorized with flower crowns, headbands or hair clips. You can also wear clothes made out of lace, embroidered peasant tops, floral patterns to nail this look. Gladiator flats and embellished flats look the best with this style. As for your hair, you can leave it loose. However, it should not look too messy. The entire purpose of the style is to look fun and effortless.

  1. Rugged boho chic





















Rugged boho chic is not as refined as the peasant girl style, instead this style would include wearing well worn, rugged jeans and shorts with bright colored tops and cowboy boots.  You can accessorize the look with colorful, printed scarves and chunky bangles/bracelets. You can also match free flowing dresses with well-worn denim shrugs or jackets to create the same look.

  1. Luxe Boho-Chic

This form of bohemian style is for those women who generally prefer keeping up with the classier and high maintenance fashion. Luxe boho style includes all the modern elements of fashion including heels, sparkly jewelry, and designer wear. You can wear long maxi dresses and loose pants. The style should, however, look chic and very neat.

  1. Hippie boho chic

The hippie boho chic is entirely influenced by the hippie culture of the 1970s, which  has a deep inclination towards music and art. This look mainly comprises the use of wide legged pants and long skirts, paired together with wide-brimmed hats and a lot of fringes. The hippie boho chic is a cheerful and lively dressing style.

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How to Buy Overstock Products

The products or items which are leftovers of some old stock of products, or have been bought in surplus by the retailer and need to be cleared out to make space and market for some new products or merchandise are identified as overstock products. These are usually made available for sale when the previously received lot of items of a particular object has been purchased by the retailer to be made available for sale to the buyers, but it has not attracted the market, hence making the supply of these goods more than the demands of the consumers, resulting in overstocking of the goods.

If you are looking to buy a certain commodity which is overstocked, then you may be able to procure them at low prices. The following tips will help you buy overstocked products:

Study the market and analyze your options while buying overstocked products. There are sellers, retailers and re-sellers who provide you with the option of purchasing the commodities of overstock products either online or offline. The overstock products available might be an older version of the concerned product and be manufactured in a previous year, but they are usually brand new and unused. They are turned out as overstock products simply because of low demand and new products being launched in the market. Still, it is best to check your consignment of overstock products to ensure that they are new and have not been damaged.

To ensure safety and guarantee of your purchased products meeting your required standards, study the return policy of such items carefully before procuring them. It is advisable to not buy overstock products which do not come with return policies as it requires you to run the obvious risk of not being delivered with what you desired. Before finalizing your actual purchase, satisfy yourself with the cancellation policies offered by the online or offline re seller. Owing to smaller processing time periods of offers, online sellers may not offer you a very lucrative offer of cancellation.

Since the basic purpose of buying overstocked products is to acquire your desired goods at considerably cheaper rates, take the shipping and moving cost into account, if present. Most online re sellers and retailers add on the extra cost of shipping and delivering the required items to you and charge it on your account. Choose a method of payment that is convenient for you. Usually debit or credit cards are a good way to purchase goods online, but if you are wary of divulging your details online, you could either opt for an offline dealer of overstock goods or take the option of payment on delivery, if available.

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